Prepositions Must be Followed by a Noun – Nessa’s ESL Quick Tip #1

April 2, 2016 by Nessa Palmer


Hey all! Hope you’re rocking your English studies!


Today, I’m giving you a simple tip about verb forms.  It’s short, sweet, and best of all, a rule you can depend on.


Did you know that almost all prepositions must be followed by a noun or a gerund (remember that a gerund is just a verb + ing), which is just a verb dressed up as a noun?  That’s right!


For example, you would say I’m good at swimmingNot  I’m good at swim.  Or, my brother is interested in skiing Not, my brother is interested to ski.


Watch out for that trouble-making preposition “to”, which is sometimes confused with the “to” that comes with the infinitive!


That’s why we say  I’m looking forward to going on vacation, and not I’m looking forward to go on vacation.


This is a super tip ‘cause prepositions are everywhere! So keep your eyes peeled for them and the words that follow them.


Need some help? Drop me a line or send me a voice message from my podcast page and tell me what your biggest challenge is, and I’ll do my very best to get back to you!.

Luv ya’ ESL cats!



Prepositions Must be Followed by a Noun – Nessa’s ESL Quick Tip #1

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