Post 1 – Showing Your Gratitude

April 2, 2016 by Nessa Palmer

BLOG POST 1 - Gratitude
One of the perks of my job is being able to meet so many fun, hardworking, inspiring and brave people from all over the world. That’s why so many teachers of English love their job. But, can I confess another reason I’m a teacher? It’s because of the gratitude, those heartfelt thank-yous.


It may seem like a small gesture to thank someone, but you’d be surprised at how those tokens of gratitude stay with me. And there are so many forms these thank-yous can take. Whether it’s a graduating student who pops by my classroom to say goodbye before they head off into their future, or a small hand-written card, or a thoughtful gift, I keep these moments close to my heart.


Most Christmas and birthday cards from my friends and family last about two weeks before they get tossed in the recycling. (Sorry Aunt Lilly.) Whereas I still have notes and thank-you cards I received from students ten years ago! They mean a lot to me, and each time I see one, old or new, I feel a renewed love for that person, and that extends to all my students and my job too! Now, that’s a gift.

cards for Nessa from students

So, next time you have to say goodbye to a teacher who helped you in your learning journey or made you laugh or took the time to show she cares, don’t forget to say thanks.


And now it’s my turn, A BIG thank-you to all my students past and present. You inspire me every day!


With love and gratitude, Nessaheart100x100

Post 1 – Showing Your Gratitude

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