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This is ESL TOP CAT, she's our mascot. She likes to sit on top of things. She's curious about everything ESL and wants to help you improve your English!


 A little bit about me.


Hi! My name is Nessa and I love teaching. I’ve spent over ten years working as an ESL teacher in Vancouver Canada, where I live with my best friend, Sean, who has helped create ESL TOP TEN.


 As a kid, I’d line up all my stuffed animals, dolls,  and toys, even my friends (if they’d let me) and then I would do my thing: Teach!



Yes, this is actually my teddy bear!

But that came later. First I was born.  That happened in a smallish city in Eastern Canada called St. John.  I lived there till I was about three years old and then moved around quite a bit.


As a child, I was lucky to spend time in a bunch of places like Montreal, Toronto, Malaysia, Singapore, and Ottawa.  Later, after giving many insightful lessons to a captured audience of teddy bears and Barbies, going to university and exploring new cities and rich cultures, I found myself teaching again. This time, actual, in-the-flesh humans!

Since then I’ve met thousands of truly incredible people. They've inspired me to create this website where students can find simple, easy to understand answers to their questions along with helpful tips on how to improve your English skills- from reading to writing to listening and speaking!


 As a newbie, back in the time of dinosaurs (okay, not quite that long ago- more like 2004), I struggled to find the best books, lesson plans, and tips concerning everything ESL. There was a lot of stuff out there, and it was a challenge to track down the most useful information.  Basically, as you may have found, there's a lot of junk you’ve got to sift through to get to the real treasures!

Historical shot of St. John. That's me driving the moving truck up the hill! 😉





I love hanging out with my students. We always have a blast!

 What did I find?


Since then, I found a ton of amazing resources!  Everything from simple explanations of grammar points to amazing apps to lists of common phrasal verbs related to dating, or studying.


My idea is simple: create "top ten" lists of the best stuff I find and the best stuff I know. On top of that I'll be giving inspiring advice tips and strategies that I've developed while teaching ESL everyday.


So there you have it. That's me and that's  ESL TOP TEN in a nutshell.  We promise to cut through all the crap and bring students and teachers the very best of everything ESL.


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