Do You Know These Common Texting Abbreviations?

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Whether you’re texting someone, or chatting with someone in a chat room, or playing an online game, here is a collection of the some of the most commonly used English short forms.  And because I am no spring chicken (meaning: not young anymore), please feel free to share your favorites in the comments section!



# 10

BRB (Be Right Back)

 (used for short interruptions like bathroom breaks)


“Got another call coming in. BRB.”


# 9

TTYL & B4N (Talk To You Later & Bye For Now)

(used for saying goodbye)



“Gotta catch my bus soon. TTYL”
“Time to jump in the shower and take a rest. B4N.”


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# 8

IDK & IK (I Don’t Know &

I Know)

 (when you just cannot answer the question or those rare times when you do)


“Where’s everyone meeting?” - “IDK”


# 7

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

 (very simple way to say I think, or in my modest opinion)


“IMHO the Canucks could win this season.”

text talk examples


BTW (By The Way)

(to add a new point that is short)


“Yeah, that’s what Jin said.  BTW, did you get the tickets today?”


CU  L8TR  (See You Later!)

(another way to say goodbye, though I usually use the expression ‘take it easy’ or ‘take care’)


“Phone you L8TR!”


2moro & 2nite (Tomorrow & Tonight)

2moro / 2nite Tomorrow & Tonight (not much to add here)


“I’ll be at work 2moro.”

“Party at Patty’s place 2nite!”



text talk examples


BFF Best Friend Forever

(When you want to talk about your closest friend, no matter how long you’ve known each other)

“Here’s a pic of me and my BFF.”


WTF (What The F#*ck)

Another classic, right up there with OMG (Oh My God). Used to show shock, disgust or excitement, so context is super important.


"OMG, she said that?! WTF!!”



LOL / LMFAO Laughing Out Loud & Laughing My F*#cking Ass Off

Both are used to tell the receiver that you find something very funny, but the second is very strong and should only be used when something is hilarious.


"He kissed her eyeball? LOL!”

"Really? He ripped his pants open in front of his teacher? LMFAO!"


"Texting is apocalyptic on some level. It's a reduction of things."

- Nick Cave


XO Kiss and Hug

This abbreviation had been around for decades, and is not only used in romantic relationships, but rather as a sign of affection between friends as well.


“Miss you. xox”


That's all for now! xoxoxo

Love is the Answer

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