Learn English Expressions About Numbers

At a certain point in your English journey, you’re going to want to start adding new words and phrases to your English. Why? A large vocabulary helps you understand the English you come across in your daily life. But that’s just one advantage. It also lets you be more specific and adds character- pizzazz- to the English you use.


In this lesson, you'll see 10 commonly used words and phrases related to numbers.


24/7: all the time

We are open to the public 24/7. Stop by anytime.



A bunch: many

I saw a bunch of friends at the party last night.

A ton: a lot

I can’t go out tonight because I have a ton of work to do before Monday.



One in a million: very special, unique

My best friend is truly one in a million.



A dime a dozen: very common, not special or unique

Don’t be sad about your ex. Guys like that are a dime a dozen.



To have second thoughts: to begin to doubt a decision one has made       

I was going to accept the job offer but I’m having second thoughts.



To zero in on something: to put all one’s focus on something

Police are zeroing in on one suspect in the case.



One by one / One at a time: separately, not done at the same time

I’ll answer your questions one by one.

The teacher spent the morning class speaking to the students one at a time.



A dozen: twelve

Half a dozen: six

A baker’s dozen: thirteen, a dozen plus one

I picked up a dozen eggs and some milk from the grocery store.



In two: in two halves, in two pieces

The kids broke the chocolate bar in two.



Nine times of out of ten: almost always

At the casino, nine times out of ten, the house wins.

Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success.
- Scott Adams

So, that wraps up this lesson on everyday expressions related to numbers. All of these phrases are informal so go ahead and use them in your English.


PS I've created a free PDF and worksheet for this lesson. Just click here to get yours.

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