English Vocabulary  for  Movies and TV

I’m all about the downtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I get a ton of joy from spending time with my students day after day, watching them grow, struggle and then grow a whole lot more. My connections with my students are some of  the most important relationships I have. But, I’m a real sucker for chilling out and relaxing. To honour those moments in life when we get to hang out watching a movie or show, here are 10 must-know vocabulary about the big screen.


TO BE INTO / GET INTO SOMETHING: to enjoy or be interested in something, like a genre

I’m really into sci-fi movies and shows. How about you?

I started watching the movie you told me about, but I couldn’t get into it.


TO BINGE-WATCH A SHOW:  to watch many episodes of a TV show in a short period of time

Last year, I found House Of Cards, and we binge-watched two seasons in a month!

I always wait for a show to have a few seasons before I start it so I can binge-watch it.


SHOW: a more informal way to say TV series; a set of related episodes for TV or radio

What’s your favourite show right now?


TV shows have changed a lot since I was kid. Nowadays, you can find tv shows with a budget of millions of dollars, starring famous Hollywood actors.



EPISODE: an installment of a longer TV series, often lasting 30 minutes or one hour

OMG! DId you watch last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones?

I haven’t had time to watch the last episode of Survivor yet so don’t tell me who got kicked off.


SEASON: a group of episodes shown consecutively in one period of time

I loved the first season of The Wire, though I had to watch it twice to understand who all the characters were.

I can’t believe that Survivor is starting its 35th season!  


SPOILER: information that reveals too much about an episode or movie before you have seen it

A good movie review will give you an idea of what the movie is like without giving away any spoilers.

Spoiler alert! Jon Snow is killed in this episode.

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TO CATCH: an informal way to say "watch" or "see" when referring to TV shows or movies

Did you catch last night’s The Daily Show? It was hilarious.

I’m hoping to catch a few films at this year’s film festival.



CLIFFHANGER: an ending of an episode or movie that is particularly suspenseful, which is not resolved until the next one in the series

Will Jon Snow survive? What a cliffhanger! How am I going to wait a week to find out?

I hate cliffhangers, but I love them too!


SEASON FINALE: the last episode of a show in a season

We’re having a little get-together tomorrow night to watch the season finale of Fargo.

The season finale of The Voice airs tomorrow night at 8pm eastern time.

CAMEO: a short appearance in a TV show or movie by someone famous

Did you know that Britney Spears actually made a cameo on How I Met Your Mother?

Try and spot George Lucas in Stars Wars: Revenge of the Sith. He makes a cameo!



That’s a wrap, cats!

Here’s your mission if you choose to accept it. Post in the comments what your favorite show is these days, and why you like it. I always do my best to provide feedback and corrections.

I’ll see you on the couch in half an hour so we can catch the season finale of The Voice. 🙂

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