Phrasal Verbs: You Gotta Love Them!

Why do I mention phrasal verbs all the time? The answer is simple. They’re super verbs. They are informal, can express two or more ideas, and they are used all the time. In this lesson, I’m going to share the ten phrasal verbs I use most. I encourage you to pick two or three of these little guys and start using them in your everyday English.

Before I start, here are a few simple tips to help you learn and remember new words:

• Write the word or phrase down
• Make a quick drawing related to the word
• Say the word out loud a few times (by itself or, even better, in a sentence)
• Use flashcards to test yourself
• Teach the word or phrase to someone else
• Get some exercise in before you study (Really! It helps you focus and puts you in a better mood.)


Check out: to examine, investigate or look at something

What’s happening across the street? I’m going to check it out.



Hang out: to spend time

I hung out with my old friend from high school on the weekend. It was great to see her.



Hold on: wait a moment

I’m almost ready. Just hold on while I grab my jacket.



Look forward to something: to be excited about something that will happen

I’m really looking forward to seeing you!



Come over / Go over: to go to a place, especially someone’s home

I went over to Susan’s to see her and Tim yesterday.

Want to come over for dinner Friday?



Head out / Head in / Head over: to go or come

It’s getting late so I’m going to head out.

It’s cold! Let’s head in.

I’m about to head over (to your place). I’ll be there in 10 minutes.



Stop by: to visit briefly

Next time you’re in the area, stop by and say hi.



Pick up something: to find or buy something

I can pick up some groceries on my way home.



Go out: to leave one’s home

It’s a gorgeous day! Let’s go out.



Stay in: to stay home

I was feeling a bit tired so I stayed in and watched a movie.



Catch up (on something): to get recent information about something

After my trip I took a little time to catch up on the news.



Catch up (with someone): to share information with someone about what’s been happening in your life

Let’s go for coffee and catch up!



Those are my ten most commonly used phrasal verbs! Which ones are you going to start using? If you'd like to get a bit of practice with these super verbs, get your free PDF worksheet here.


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