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We all need some help now and then, and the quality of that help is critical in determining the level of your success. One of the best choices you can make is to hire a tutor. If you've never done this before, you may want to see where you're at in your learning to determine what level of tutor you require. Sometimes, a "casual" tutor is all you need. For instance, a friend or someone who just wants to help you out. Other times, a real professional is needed to untangle some of the trickier aspects of grammar, vocabulary and speaking strategies. Discuss this with a teacher or a friend, figure out your budget and get ready to improve every aspect of your study.

# 10

Contact Teachers at a Local Language Schools

Are you enrolled in a language school, or know someone who is? Ask a teacher or administrator if they can recommend tutor. They will almost certainly know of someone personally, and they should be able to offer you several names at different price points.


But what if you have not yet enrolled in an ESL course? Most major cities or urban centres have community colleges or language schools, and many of them keep lists of names of qualified tutors. Contacting the school directly, and asking, "Could you please help me find an English Tutor?" could prove to be a simple way to get you one step closer to finding a great one-on-one ESL learning expreience.

# 9

Local Newspapers

Almost every printed local newspaper has a classified section, and those classified ads will often be used by tutors looking for students. Look closely for words like "ESL" or "English Tutor Available" or "Learn English with an experienced English Tutor." 


Also, sometimes you can find local papers put out by your language/cultural community. It may even be possible to find someone who speaks your native language who is bilingual, and this may help you feel more comfortable when you first get started. Actually, years ago, I had a Korean student who I tutored regularly, and she surprised me by putting a Korean notice about my teaching services in one the local Korean papers here and it led to many great tutoring relationships.  So, be sure to explore your options.

# 8

Language Forums

The Internet offers many discussion forums that center around ESL and learning English. Many of them require that you join and sign in, but once inside you will be able to access and pick the brains of students and teachers alike. Forums are a great place to ask questions about tutoring and other points that you may be stuck on in your language practice. 

# 7

Pen Pals

A special way to develop your English writing skills is to engage with someone from an English country by becoming their Pen Pal. A Pen Pal is someone from a distant part of the world who you write to, back and forth. This type of interaction can lead to a life-long friendship, and if the person you connect with is willing to gently correct your writing and give you feedback, you have an amazing free tutor right at your fingertips! If you need more information on how you can become a Pen Pal, try reading this article over at WIKI-HOW called: How to Write to a Pen Pal for the First Time.

# 6

Contact A Conversation Club 

What is a conversation club? Well, it's a small group of people that get together to talk and share their thoughts on a variety off subjects. The main goal is to improve their language skills. Many of these are similar to schools where you pay either a one-time fee for a 'lesson' or tuition for a week, or month and so on.


The way it works it that a teacher will organize and lead a group into discussions that are completely in English. The focus is on fluency and there's usually some very clear error correction at the end of the lesson, where the teacher can provide you with personal feedback on your use of grammar and vocabulary. Conversation clubs can be an immersive experience that require you to stay on your toes, listen carefully and speak up and share whenever possible. It's a great way to build friendships and gain support and boost fluency.

# 5

Friends and Associates

What can be easier than asking your friends, teachers, or co-workers for a reference for a tutor. It may be possible that one of your teachers offers tutoring lessons, or they may know another teacher that does tutoring on the side. You may be relieved to learn that other students in your class are already using a tutor and, if you ask around enough, you will learn who the best ones are.

# 4

Local ONLINE Search

ESL Tutors sometimes post on local bulletin board sites like Craigslist or Oodle.  Just type "tutor" or "English tutor" or  "ESL tutor" into the search bar. When meeting someone new, always be safe. I suggest going to a local library or coffee shop for your lesson.  

# 3

Language Exchanges

The Idea behind a Language Exchange is that you have conversations with somebody who is learning the language you already know how to speak.  For instance, if your mother tongue is Japanese you would set-up an exchange with someone who is English and is in the process of learning Japanese.


The great thing about language exchanges is that there is no need to focus on the technical aspects of learning English. Here you are simply "letting it fly" and trying your best to be understood with what you have already learned. Language Exchanges will accelerate your speaking and listening skills, so get ready to have fun and push your abilities to a whole new level!

If you want to jump into an exchange site right away, try:

# 2


Many English tutors offer their services over Skype. The great thing about using this platform is that you can see the person you are speaking with, and this can be a tremendous benefit while trying to understand what your tutor is explaining. Nothing can replace the expressiveness of body language and intonation.

Btw, Skype is probably the best-known audio/video calling platform, but there are others such as Google Hangouts, ooVoo, and the open-source Ekiga.

Here' s what you do, if you are looking for a "Skype" tutor:

A.  Find a tutor who is interested in using Skype - you may already know someone, or you may have found a recommendation. Or, you can use a service like or another tutoring service. Be sure to mention right off the bat (def- immediately) that you are interested in using Skype.

B. Sign up for Skype
For information on how to use Skype for ESL Check out this helpful page. How to use Skype

C. Set an appointment time with your tutor.

D. Get your one-on-one lesson from the comfort of your home! Feel free to wear pyjamas and your favorite bunny slippers. Just remember to discuss details about the cost and your tutor's availability beforehand. And, most importantly, be clear with your goals. 

# 1

Tutoring Services

If you want a complete range of choices for tutoring, nothing will beat using a top online tutoring services.  A tutoring service connects students with tutors, usually online but sometimes within your local area. The tutors themselves may have a preference about how you will be connecting. But if you go through this route, you will likely be connecting with Skype ( see above ), or you may be using software built right into the site itself. There is a lot of variety here, and prices range quite a bit, so do your research!  

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