Understand Real English: You prolly wanna askem doncha?

Understanding Real English

Native English speakers are constantly mashing words together and that's one of the big reasons listening to English can be so tricky. In this lesson, I show you 10 common sets of words that are often hard to catch because native English speakers “mash up” their words. They blend sounds together in a way that make some word combinations hard to understand.


I encourage you to watch the video and write down the ten short example sentences I use and then check your answers here afterwards.


From the VIDEO:

So, before we start with the dictation, let's make sure we know why the heck we're doing this! This is going to help not only your pronunciation but more importantly, your listening. There are grammar words out there like pronouns and auxiliary verbs that we don't enunciate clearly. But you have to hear them.


So, are you ready for your dictation with number one?



Wanna (want to)

Wanna go to the movies tonight? = Want to go to the movies tonight?



Whatcha (what are you, what have you)

Whatcha you doing? = What are you doing?



Doncha (don't you)

Doncha just love summer? = Don't you just love summer?



Dincha (didn't you)

You met Ana, dincha? = You met Ana, didn't you?



Askem (ask him, ask them)

Askem to come! = Ask him to come!



Boxxa (box of) and Cuppa (cup of)

Get him a boxxa chocolates. = Get him a box of chocolates.

How about a cuppa coffee? = How about a cup of coffee?



Hafta (have to) and Hasta (has to)

I hafta go. =  I have to go.

He hasta go. = He has to go.



Djer (did your)

Djer parents call you? = Did your parents call you?



Musta (must have + past participle)

It musta rained. = It must have rained.



Prolly (probably)

I'll prolly be there at 8. = I'll probably be there at 8.


Okay, got em? (Check answers)


So, 10 ways to help your listening. Those little tricky mashed-up words. Make sure you pay attention and catch them next time!


This is Nessa, on ESLTOPTEN.



The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.
- Jonathan Culver

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