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Here you will find ESL online resources that I have personally tried and endorse 100%. I only want to post the best stuff here, so if you have any of your own recommendations please tell me about them in the comments below.

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ESL online: 

Awesome Apps:


duolingobirdDuolingo Mobile App

This is a great little app that I am currently using to learn Spanish. You just type in your language of origin and then type in the language you would like to learn. It's that easy!. This little app really packs a punch and delivers reminders, levels and encouragement at every step. I highly recommend you try Duolingo!


FluentulogoFluentU mobile app

This amazing app allows you to control the pace at which you consume language by watching videos that are imbedded with subtititles that you can control.


 ESL online:

Correct your English Writing:


grammarlylogo       This program is going to take all the guess work out of correcting your papers and will even teach you proper usage and grammar as you go along. This is an indispensable program, and one that we use everyday at ESLTOPTEN.


Grammarly also has a grammar handbook on their site which covers the whole range of Grammar topics.


Check out the Grammar Handbook

 ESL online:

Great ESL Books:


Focus on Grammar


This book series is my grammar bible! A great series for beginner to advanced learners (1-5), with very detailed explanations and easy to understand examples. It includes lots of practice of all the main grammar points. Topics include verb tenses, modal verbs, relative clauses, and conditionals. Also highly recommended for teachers!


Grammar in Use


Another very popular grammar book that teachers and students all over the world are using. This book has a lot more topics and is great for someone who needs just a little explanation and practice for a wide range of structures. However, to fit in all the exercises and summaries, the explanations are not as in depth. Also, be sure to pick the right level for yourself.


YaGotta Know It!

By far the best book I’ve found on everyday vocabulary. It covers phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions and slang. I love it because almost all the vocabulary in the book is commonly used, and once you start learning the words and phrases, you’ll see and hear them all around you. Also, fun because all the lessons and dialogues tell a classic story of love, as we watch Mona and Vic get to know each other. And, all the answers are provided in the back for easy self-study.

A Year in the Life of an ESL Student

Another superb resource for anyone interested in learning often-used, natural, informal English. Comes with more practice exercises, and also helps show context through dialogues. An excellent choice for students at the intermediate and pre-advanced levels.

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