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For those interested in learning the phrasal verbs more used in daily English. This link: contains some of them, classified by subject.
It was made by an excellent teacher Nessa Palmer Canadian who is creating a fabulous web page for students of the language. You only have to enter your e-mail and then check in unwanted emails, there will be able to download the PDF.

I hope that it will be of great help, in my case I loved it.

-Alejandra Plata, ESL Student
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Phrasal Verbs Testimonial Luiza
Yesterday I used some phrasal verbs examples of your cheat sheet! My students loved it and told me it's really dynamic and easy to understand! Even far away, you help me a lot! I'm so grateful!
-Luiza Aquino
Lina Testimonial for Free Phrasal Verbs Cheat Sheet
Nessa I got the phrasal verb cheat sheet!! 😃 I really enjoy it! And I think these phrasal verbs and the topics are very common on a daily basis and useful! Thanks!
-Lina Maria Bernal
Hoonie Testimonial for Free Phrasal Verbs Cheat Sheet
Haha that's amazing. Everything there looks like it came out of an already published book. Its ready to sell alright I will first let my sister in on this phenomenal cheat sheet.
I like the format of the content. Pdf makes it all easier to read the whole thing on your mobile without hassle.
-Hoonie Sun 

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